You ever gonna respond, or?? Cool, whatever, just leave me hangin. Haha. We all hung out (you know who "all" means) and had some classy negronis for ya. Obviously the party would have been way more of a kicker if you were there, Handsome Moby (lol), but it was cute to share memories and get drunk. Although, today I am regretting that, haha, ughhhhh.

I get to meet your boyfriend Tristan tomorrow!!!! Apparently he's excited to meet me... I guess you talked about me a lot "getting ahead of yourself" ;) BUT regardless, stoked to share the loveeeee.

Anyways, I'm starving and I'm def gonna be late for my lunch date with Maria from work. I blame you, jeez! Haha. Talk to ya later, G
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The Missing Pieces

We're always in the wrong place at the wrong time it seems.

But maybe the right place isn't the right time at this point.

Maybe we're not ready for the right things yet.

The right things are the wrong things right now.

The right things will come at the right time,

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The Winter Blues

As another year comes close to an end, I can't help but wonder where the time went, and what I'm doing with my life. Of course we all get a bit stir-crazy, or disappointed with our life every now and again... But it seems worse now than ever. Every month I feel a bit more upset that I'm not doing what makes me happy. I miss my family over in Aus and NZ, and I want to be there more than ever. It's hard to leave my comfort, my best friends here, my brother & parents & grandpa, but I feel like it's been my calling to go there for a while, and I'm ignoring it.

I'm done ignoring it.

2013... bring me home.
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Friends Only


I'm just letting you all know that my journal is now friends only. Just to make sure no unwanted people are viewing my personal posts and updates. I just think it's a lot nicer, and much safer too.
If you would like to be on my friends list, leave a comment to this post.
Thanks! :)
Much love,
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